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Pace of Play Guidelines

The pace of play of the group in front of you can have a significant influence on your round. In consideration of the players behind you, we appreciate you reading our pace of play guidelines and helpful tips. It is important that you understand these before starting your round. We ask that our members and patrons play within the expectations detailed below.

First off-8:52 a.m. — 4 hours Handicap 0-7: Green Tees
9-10:52 a.m. — 4:10 Handicap 8-16: Gold Tees
11-11:56 a.m. — 4:20 Handicap 17-26: Black Tees
Noon and later—4:30 Handicap 26+: Silver Tees

Our player assistants are positioned throughout the golf course to help with any needs you might have during your round. Additionally, our player assistants monitor the pace and spacing of all groups and take the following steps to ensure pace of play stays on target:

  1. If your foursome falls more than two shots behind the group in front of you, our player assistants will provide an initial friendly reminder that you regain your position within two holes. We understand that brief delays happen from time to time but appreciate you regaining your position shortly thereafter.
  2. If your group is unable to move back into position after two holes with the help of a player assistant, you will be provided options to move back into position, such as skipping the necessary number of shots, or offered to restart your round behind the last group of the day, when you will not feel pushed by anyone behind you.

Pace of Play Tips

Local Rule: The creek will be played as a red penalty area unless otherwise marked.

Local Rule: Ball Lost or Out of Bounds; Stonecreek Golf Club has adopted the new local rule allowing players an alternative to the traditional “stroke and distance” penalty for a ball lost or out of bounds. Please proceed to the edge of your fairway nearest where your ball was lost or last crossed the boundary line and drop under penalty of two strokes.

It’s OK to Pick Up: The handicap system allows for a maximum score. If you reach it, pick up, regroup, and try again the next hole. The max scores is a net double bogey for any player. 

Par of hole + 2 Strokes + Any handicap stroke(s) that the player receives on that hole

Save 10 seconds every shot by playing ready golf:

  • Tighten your pre-shot routine, if you can't play without a practice swing, limit yourself to one practice swing.
  • Limit your search for a lost ball to 3 minutes.
  • Hit first, then search. Play your shot before going over to help your playing partner.
  • Have your club and target selected when you get to your ball.
  • Play ready golf, please play whenever it is safe to do so. The old etiquette of "you're away" no longer applies.
  • Take more than one club to your shot and proceed down the fairway after your shot.
  • Read and line up your putt while others are putting.
  • Continuous putting, finishing short putts on the green rather than marking them.
  • If you are the cart driver, drop off your passenger at their ball before proceeding to your own ball.
  • Keep the flagstick in, it is no longer a penalty to strike the flagstick while in the hole with a shot played from the green.
  • Find your on-deck circle, find the spot that allows you to move directly to your ball without hindering play.